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We provide expertise, architecture and project management in the implementation of data integration, data warehouses and Business Intelligence projects. We successfully designed and deployed very large mission-critical applications for terabyte warehouses for major client such as HSBC, BNP-Paribas, BPCE, Louis Vuitton...


With 15 years of experience with IBM Websphere Datastage software, we provide you a complete set of services on Datastage technology, including expert development, administration, performance optimisation, training, industrialisation of processes as well as a set software solutions that will ease your conception efforts and ensure a development quality according to the best standards.

  • Sequence Generator : our solution allows the automatic generation of Datastage "jobs sequences", based on customisable sequencing options.
  • Impact Analysis : our solution for impact analysis identify the jobs impacted by a change and modify your dsx, easing evolution and maintenance tasks.

Our goal is to provide you both our strong analytical, organizational and problem solving abilities, and our excellent inter-personal and communication skills.


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